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Teachers, Civil Servants Decry New NSSF Deductions

Teachers, Civil Servants Decry New NSSF Deductions

Three months after the Court of Appeal gave approval for the implementation of revised rates under the NSSF Act of 2013, civil servants have already been required to pay an additional Ksh.360 in deductions from their July salaries.

In payslips seen by Finance Lay, National Police Services members remitted Ksh.360 to NSSF in addition to the Ksh.3,020 they had been contributing to their pension scheme.

When the conservatory orders of the Finance Act of 2023 are lifted, life for the disciplined forces will become more difficult.

As of the July pay stub, the new NSSF deduction was implemented, prompting teachers to complain about what they term double taxation.

This is in addition to the 7.5% provident fund deduction that contributes to their retirement plan.

Peter Oyombe, a teacher, stated, “From this month onwards, a new mongrel has been introduced to our pay stubs, which is the NSSF deduction. There was no consultation or provision for any commensurate increase to cushion teachers from the massive loss of income witnessed over the past few years.”

Another teacher, Doris Odhiambo, stated, “We demand a raise in pay, and all deductions must cease immediately; if not, we will take to the streets in our rubber boots and fight for our rights.”

According to Section 19 of the Employment Act of 2007, an employer’s deductions must leave an employee with no less than one-third of his salary.

The NSSF act now mandates a monthly contribution equal to twelve percent of one’s monthly salary, of which six percent is deducted from the employee’s salary and the remaining six percent is paid by the employer.

Teachers, Civil Servants Decry New NSSF Deductions

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