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Tell Ruto to keep Senator Maina as UDA SG, Governor Kahiga says

Governor Mutahi Kahiga of Nyeri has urged President William Ruto to appoint a representative from the Mount Kenya region to the UDA party’s secretary-general position.

Kahiga emphasized in an interview that the area needs to receive proper recognition for its resounding backing of Ruto during the most recent general election.

He pointed out that Senator Veronica Maina successfully led the party through a transition in her role as secretary general during the previous election.

“Veronica Maina did a great job and the people of Mount Kenya will greatly benefit from this,” he said, arguing that she should be restored to her position as secretary general.

Kahiga expressed regret that Cleophas Malala, the acting secretary general at the moment, is from an opposition zone that supported ODM candidate Raila Odinga with a large majority of the vote.

The Luhya community has strong ties to the ANC, Ford (K), and ODM parties. “I fail to see how Malala can persuade them to sever their traditional ties,” Kahiga said.

He claimed that while the Western area frequently mobilizes financial support for the ruling party, it does not always vote in favor of Ruto.

The governor stated that the UDA party will represent the interests of the area ahead of the next general election by having a secretary general from Mount Kenya, adding that the party has the potential to develop into a national party with proper nurturing.

The UDA party has to be strengthened in order to better serve the needs of the region as a national party, he continued, pointing out that the repeated calls for the Mount Kenya region to create its own party are unhealthy.

“I don’t think a party is absolutely necessary. We must increase our support for the UDA, which, with proper care, has the capacity to develop into a national party that will unite Kenya,” the speaker stated.

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