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Thieves dressed in police uniform steal ksh 100,00 at petrol station

Kisii County police officers based in Ogembo town are pursuing five armed individuals who stole Ksh100,000 during a petrol station raid on Monday night.

According to Thomas Bokea, the gas station’s night watchman, the group showed up to the station around one in the morning wearing police gear.

Armed with rifles and flashlights, the robbers asked Bokea if he had seen them approaching his location, claiming that they were searching for suspects in the area.

Bokea allowed the thieves to search the station’s parking lot while denying knowing about the sought suspects.

After the search, Bokea and his associate were confronted by the gang, who threatened to hurt them if they did not agree with their demands.

The two night watchmen were then restrained and placed in a room as the group looted the entire gas station.

Bokea claims that before they ran away, they snatched Ksh100,000.

Police personnel from Ogembo town, which is roughly 1.5 kilometers away, were urged by the locals to step up night patrols and stop the rising number of robbery instances.

Three alleged thieves who had broken into a mobile money agency in Suneka town were shot and killed by Kisii County detectives in September.

Detectives stated at the time that they would work with the community to identify desired suspects.

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