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Thieves Posing as Pastors in Voi Rob Man His Car and Clothes

Investigators from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) are searching for a group that poisoned the brother of Speaker of the Uganda National Assembly Annet Anita and stole a brand-new Toyota Prado that he was transporting from the Mombasa Port.

According to police reports, the man was transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) following the event and there he regained consciousness.

Wilson Okello, the speaker’s brother, was meant to deliver the new automobile to his sister in Uganda, but after failing to pick up calls for hours on end, family members became worried.

Okello told the police that after picking up the car in Mombasa, he was hailed down by four persons in Voi, two of whom identified themselves as pastors and said they were on their way to Kisumu for prayer.

The driver claims that after accepting the four’s mid-trip Coke offer, he lost memory of what had transpired.

He was taken to KNH by ambulance while wearing only his boxers along Mombasa Road.

The automobile and other possessions were taken by the thugs, according to the police.

A manhunt has been initiated by detectives to find the suspects.

The number of criminals in the nation who drug unsuspecting victims with the help of female accomplices has increased.

Usually, the narcotics are mixed into drinks, leaving the victims unable to think clearly after using them.

After robbing all value, the thieves flee.

This drugs can sometimes be very severe that some even end up losing their life.

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