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{VIDEO}Tourists in panic as cheetah jumps into their vehicle

Arriving at a Kenyan national park, a group of cheetahs suddenly jumped onto a tour vehicle, shocking the shocked tourists.

In a now-viral video, tourists were shown in a car at a game reserve in Kenya when some cheetahs got in the car and confused the other passengers.

The six cheetahs were shown in the video casually jumping on the sunroof, the bonnet, and other various parts of the cruiser until one of them made its way into the passenger cabin.

Even so, the tourists and the driver maintained an astonishingly composed demeanor, with a few of them even taking pictures of the incident with their iPads and cell phones.

The driver, who maintained his composure throughout, slowly began driving to drive the cheetahs off the vehicle in an attempt to find a solution.

Kenyans responded to the video in a variety of ways; some called it a surreal experience.

Others discussed their probable responses if they were discovered in a comparable circumstance.

“What makes them so serene? “I would be running and screaming outside,” a social media user wrote.

Others drew attention to the fact that, contrary to popular belief, cheetahs are not aggressive toward people.

A nonprofit organization called Global Vision International claims that cheetahs do not pose a direct threat to people.

“When compared to other wild cats, they are relatively docile. However, as they are still animals, cheetahs should never be approached in the wild, according to a warning posted on the group’s website.

The entire incident also rekindled a portion of Kenyans’ confusion regarding the differences between cheetahs and leopards.

Cheetahs have a sleek body, a quick gait, and noticeable facial tear marks.

Leopards are larger, stronger, and have spots that resemble rosettes on their bodies.

Leopards can adapt to a variety of habitats, but cheetahs thrive in wide open plains.

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