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Tourists robbed then forced to apologize for being in Kenya

On Wednesday, four guys were taken into custody in Nairobi’s Runda neighborhood for luring and robbing an Australian couple out of Ksh13.5 million in an alleged gold transaction.

The defendants allegedly used the promise of gold to entice the couple from Kampala, Uganda, according to a police complaint.

In addition to losing their belongings, they were assaulted, tormented, and even made to apologize for entering Kenya without authorization.

This is the most recent in a string of fraud incidents where thieves pretend to be gold merchants in order to trick gullible purchasers.

According to police records, the pair first met the suspects in Uganda when a Kenyan told them the suspects had gold that they could sell to them at a cheaper price.

All of the chats took place on the widely used messaging software WhatsApp, according to the authorities.

Police added that during the incident, the perpetrators had sexually assaulted the couple and had them have orgies.

The event took place at a home on exclusive Glory Road in Runda.

The couple drove to the residence after first accepting the arrangement.

At least ten guys attacked and stole US$60,000, a $10,000 gold necklace, and a US$20,000 Rolex watch from the tourists when they arrived at the property.

According to police, while they continue to search for unarrested individuals, the suspects are in custody and will be brought before a judge to face charges of robbery with violence.

While the fourth suspect was captured at an office setup building in Runda Glory Valley, the other three were taken into custody at the Social House Nairobi Hotel in Lavington.

The woman described how she was made to apologize for supposedly being in the country illegally while being detained.

It wasn’t immediately apparent if the couple was in the nation on a valid visa.

Following the encounter, the suspects loaded the couple into their car and left them in the CBD of Nairobi, close to Rehema House.

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