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Traditional dish Uji power taking over Nairobi and the business in it

Consumer preference for the traditional fermented Uji power has recently increased, and some business owners are now making financial sacrifices to capitalize on the trend.

To increase the nutritional value of the porridge, sellers are now offering Uji power, which is often produced from cassava, groundnuts, and pumpkins.

Even though the process is time-consuming, the profits made by people who enter this industry are astounding. With proper execution, you might earn up to sh 50,000 per month from this business.

Starting a business doesn’t cost a lot of money. For Sh20,000, you may run a successful business. As the business develops, you can continue to grow.

Ronald Ngala Street in Nairobi has a few restaurants that witness to the dish’s profitability. Men and women in the city now make it a point to arrive there as early as 7 a.m.

The artificial calabashes used to serve the porridge give it a more traditional appearance. A well-shaken calabash of Uji Power costs Sh50, while some establishments in Nairobi charge between Sh100 and Sh200 for the same thing.

The Uji is made using a variety of components that contribute to its great nutritional value, such as arrowroot, groundnuts (or peanut butter), milk, sweet potatoes, cassava, pumpkin seed powder, honey or sugar, and milk.

Some diners admitted that the food was really good and addictive and that they preferred it to other beverages like tea.

The porridge industry is one of the most lucrative endeavors to investigate, said businesswoman Jane Njeri Githaiga, also known as Njeri wa Uji.

In 2016, Njeri established the company at Githurai 44. The lack of customers in her previous juice-selling business motivated her to start this venture.

She therefore decided to try something new to increase her income. She began selling tea, but she was unable to outperform the market rivals.

Before introducing the traditional fermented porridge known to the Gikuyu as “ucuru wa mukio” (porridge prepared from ground millet), she conducted various tests.

On her menu, Njeri also debuted the Uji power, a dish composed of porridge flour, pumpkin seeds, cassava flour, amaranth, and peanuts.

Because of how distinctive her items were, she soon attracted a lot of customers. This inspired her to invent smoothie porridge, a new variety of porridge.

She gave up on her juice company because the initiative seemed so promising. She set up shops where she sells her porridge at Githurai 44, Kasarani, and Membley Business Center.

With a strong customer base, anyone in this industry can make significant money because the production costs are quite low.

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