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Trick DCI used to arrest teacher selling fake KCPE&KCSE Papers

A Kiambu County-based teacher was detained by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for allegedly selling phony test papers for the upcoming primary and secondary national exams.

After falling into a trap set by the DCI, Nicholas Ngumbau Kalewa, also known as “Mr. Examiner,” a Christian Religious Education (CRE) teacher, was taken into custody.

With ten WhatsApp and Telegram accounts, the teacher set up a complex system to communicate with his clients in the hopes of making a fortune. From these accounts, he sold the fictitious documents along with a payment schedule.

The retail price of each exam paper was Sh1,500. The paper would come with the marking scheme, making the deal sweeter with an extra Sh500.

Everything was going smoothly, the suspect working hard at his job and even warning parents and students not to bring up any other topics that might cause him to lose focus while delivering his goods.

After learning of his activities, detectives assumed the identity of eager students to gain access to his network and distribution channels.

Ngumbao practiced his trade, unaware that he was being watched, and made arrangements to sell the papers to only the most serious parties, including the detectives. He answered curtly to anyone who discussed anything other than the urgent matters at hand.

Detectives conducted a successful manhunt, bringing his business to a complete stop and recovering several SIM cards that were allegedly used in the fraud.

DCI stated that a stolen identity card was used to register Ngumbau’s SIM card, bank account, and the pay bill number he had disclosed online as part of his scheme.

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