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TSC celebrates Teachers Day in Kenya

According to Nancy Macharia, CEO of the Teachers Service Commission, teachers ought to be recognized for the great work they do in classrooms.

She claimed that in providing students with high-quality instruction, they have excelled.

On Thursday, Macharia spoke in Nairobi as part of the World Teachers Day celebrations.

Particularly this year, according to Macharia, teachers deserve praise for resuming classes after the Covid-19 outbreak had delayed the schedule.

She claimed that because of the pandemic, the school year was condensed, which caused stress on both instructors and students.

She also praised educators for their crucial role in easing Grade 6 students’ transition to Grade 7 in the Junior Secondary School using the Competency Based Curriculum.

Additionally, Macharia claimed that they were prepared to multitask while attending lessons and taking part in the program to retool for CBC.

Macharia stated that the Kenya Kwanza government just hired 56,000 new teachers, in keeping with this year’s WTD theme of expanding teachers’ presence in classrooms.

She added that they should be honored for their success in getting the government to review their collective bargaining agreement for the period of 2021 to 25.

She claimed that they should also be honored for taking the national exams in 2023. At the end of October, the tests will begin.

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