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Two KDF soldiers detonate 2 grenades at a local bar

Around six in the morning on the same day, two grenades were detonated at a small pub in Sotik, Bomet County, leading to the arrest of two Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) troops on Saturday morning.

One of the soldiers was off for the weekend while the other was on leave, according to the police OB. The report omitted information about whether alcohol was ingested by the two during the detonation or if there was any sort of altercation.

However, the report stated that there was a huge noise when the two grenades detonated.

Officers from the Sotik Police Station raced to the location after the incident to evaluate the situation.

At the bar, two grenade pins were found.

A black bag found behind the bar/restaurant counter belonged to one of the troops, who had been found during the search.

Officers discovered four explosives inside the backpack and confiscated them along with some personal belongings.

The two suspects were escorted right away to the Mutarakwa Police Post, where an inventory of the things seized was done and further investigations were carried out.

Thankfully, no one was hurt when the grenades went off.

Military police were then called in to help with the ongoing investigations.

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