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Two Thugs On Motorbike Beaten By Angry Mob In Kilimani After Snatching Phone

In the Kilimani neighborhood of Nairobi, two suspects were apprehended on Saturday while attempting to take a cell phone from a woman close to the Astrol Petrol Station on Lenana Road.

Before officials from Kilimani Police Station came on the scene and saved the couple, they were mobbed and attacked with blows and kicks by locals and boda boda riders who had intercepted the couple who was on a motorcycle.

The suspects stole the phone, according to witnesses who claimed to know them from a previous theft episode. However, as they tried to escape, a boda boda rider hurled a log of wood in their way, which caused them to collapse.

Due to an increase in theft cases in the vicinity, the mob that was awaiting their blood quickly surrounded them.

Cries of, “Mmetuzoea sana…kila siku ni masimu za watu…” echoed from all sections of the assembly, conveying the dissatisfaction of the people.

Despite the agitated crowd’s calls for mob punishment, police from the neighboring station raced to the scene and got the two small offenders into custody right away.

While the woman whose phone had been stolen was allowed to record a statement, the suspects were being held at the police station.

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