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UDA consolidates its base of support in the Nyanza region

DCI Takes Man Away Following the capture of important Kenya Africa National Union (KANU) party officials in Kisumu County, a portion of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party has moved to strengthen its base of support in the Nyanza region.

James Oyolo of the Kisumu Central sub-county welcomed the defectors into the party who held important party positions at the ward level in the county.

Oyolo is eager to win the UDA party chairmanship in Kisumu County during the impending grassroots elections in December. Gang that raped and stole from a minister and MCA in Nyamira

President Ruto was a member of their KANU group, according to the defectors, and they don’t regret joining him in the UDA party.

Barely two weeks had passed since Prof. Ayiecho Olweny of the former Kisumu County ODM party and a number of Orange officials defected to the UDA party.

Democracy is a healthy practice for the community, according to Oyolo, who also stated that he is prepared to build a strong foundation for the UDA party in the county.

Speaking at a press conference in Kisumu, he stated that he has no intention of stopping his recruitment drive to bring in more new party members.

He used the occasion to refute numerous reports and assertions that UDA party officials in Kisumu County are listed on a list.

Oyolo issued a warning, saying those who think they have the party’s endorsement will receive a harsh awakening.

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