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Universities Degree Programs to Cost Sh300,000; Other Charges

Universities Degree Programs to Cost Sh300,000

Universities that desire to begin teaching a new academic program will have to pay Sh300,000.

Institutions have initiated a proposal to exclude professional bodies from the certification of academic programs.

If its proposals are implemented, according to the Presidential Working Group on Education Reforms, professional bodies in the country will be prevented from accrediting university degree programs.

Under the proposed reforms, the laws granting professional bodies the authority to accredit university courses within their profession will be repealed and the Commission on University Education (CUE) will be given sole responsibility for this function.

In 2016, the CUE established audit and quality assurance fees payable by both private and public institutions. According to the revised rates, the audit of the academic program will cost Sh320,000 and the campus accreditation audit will cost Sh150,000.

As a result of the elimination of professional bodies, institutions will now be required to pay a single body for academic program accreditation. In 2021, the commission digitized the exercise to facilitate the accreditation procedure. Prior to this, universities had raised concerns about the CUE’s slow auditing and accreditation processes.

In accordance with the 2016 audit guidelines, universities must also pay a flat annual fee of Sh1,000 per students admitted. This means that universities will be required to pay Sh1,000 for each bachelor’s, master’s, postgraduate diploma, and doctoral degree awarded.

Universities requesting an audit to determine if they will be granted a letter of interim authority or an audit of a new constituent college are required to pay a fee of Sh405,000, while those requesting a charter must pay an application fee of Sh480,000.

The institutions, on the other hand, must pay Sh480 000 to submit a charter application. Universities are compelled to pay Sh900 for quality audits of their institutions. Universities are also required to pay application fees to collaborate with another institution in the issuance of a degree program, and these fees vary based on whether the collaboration is with a domestic or international institution.

The institutions will also pay local universities approximately Sh405,000 in application fees for authority to collaborate per degree program. The cost of collaboration between a foreign university and a domestic institution is Sh385,700.

Universities Degree Programs to Cost Sh300,000

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