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US Cuts Aid to Gabon After Removal of President Bongo

In response to President Ali Bongo’s departure, the United States has declared that it will no longer be providing aid to Gabon.

The US said in a statement on Monday that it supports the goals of democracy, prosperity, and stability held by the people of Gabon.

Since September 26, the foreign aid has been temporarily suspended.

Nonetheless, the US reiterated its commitment to aiding the nation’s shift from military to civilian governance.

Miller stated that assistance will start up again as soon as the military junta’s chief of staff, General Brice Oligui Nguema, and his transitional administration have a firm plan in place to hand over power to civilians.

Miller added that the people of Gabon will continue to gain from humanitarian, medical, and educational aid notwithstanding the ban.

On August 30, just after Bongo was proclaimed the victor of highly scrutinized elections that would have allowed him to continue serving as president for a another 14 years, he was overthrown from office.

The 55-year rule of his family in Gabon seems to have ended with the coup.

Beginning in 1967, El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba, his father, served as president for over 42 years.

Many rejoiced upon hearing about Bongo’s dismissal from office, and large masses demonstrated in favor of the military junta in the streets.

However, following the junta’s takeover, the nation was banned from several regional and global organizations of which it was a member, such as the African Union and the Commonwealth.

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