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(VIDEO) Energy cs Davis Chirchir heckled in Boment in front of Ruto

Davis Chirchir, the cabinet secretary for energy and petroleum, was heckled by a mob on Sunday at a function that President William Ruto was at.

The event took place at a Sotik church service, where the congregation violently interrupted Chirchir’s sermon because they could not remain silent.

Chirchir tried to speak, but his voice was drowned out by the raucous chants of the crowd.

The emcee, Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok, had to step in to calm things down and save the Cabinet Secretary from the rowdy welcome.

But the audience yelled at him to get down.

The frequent blackouts that have made it difficult for them to regularly conduct their operations infuriated the residents.

President William Ruto promised the locals that the issue would be resolved when he took the stage.

The nation’s head of state promised to guarantee a dependable power supply in every region.

Kenyans enraged by the escalating cost of electricity and made worse by frequent power outages had been complaining to CS Chirchir.

Kenyans have been critical of the current administration in recent months for not living up to their expectations.

Early in November, Mombasa locals heckled Ruto and demanded that he lower living expenses, particularly fuel prices.

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