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(Video) Kanjo Askaris caught on camera harassing and tearing mans clothes in public

On Wednesday, Kisumu County City Council Askaris were caught on camera abusing a car wash worker they claimed was working in an undesignated area.

The cleaner—whom his colleagues in Kisumu CBD knew as Paul—was thrown to the ground when Kanjos stormed his store.

Three Askaris wearing regular clothing and one in a uniform jumped on the car wash cleaner in an attempt to capture him. Some tried to pin him to the ground while others tore his garments apart.

Abala Wanga, the manager of Kisumu City, accused Paul of creating chaos and mayhem by opening his store in a backstreet area.

In addition, he said that the car cleaner had a history of ignoring county notifications and accused him of threatening law enforcement.

As Paul fought for freedom, the askaris refused to let go of him and gripped his hands and legs in the footage that we were able to view.

The suspect’s clothing was ripped to bits throughout the back and forth, prompting onlookers and other merchants to step in.

The surrounding throng was heard berating the police for intimidating the car cleaner, pulling him over a clearly concrete floor, and ripping his clothes.

The kanjos fled for their life as soon as they noticed that the gathering was growing.

However, the manager of Kisumu City, Abala Wanga, stated that the askaris later returned and detained Paul and another individual on suspicion of endangering the askaris’ lives.

Wanga, displeased with the traders’ behavior, stressed that it was against county law for car wash firms to operate on the backstreet and that anyone caught doing so would face arrest.

The Kisumu City CBD was declared off-limits to vehicle wash firms in November 2022, and the cleaners were relocated to two specific locations in Kondele and Moi Stadium.

Ten years prior, the county had outlawed automobile washing in Lake Victoria due to water body pollution.

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