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Video of traffic officer demanding 2k bribe while holding injured driver

Following an accident in Runda on Tuesday, a traffic cop refused to get out of his car, leaving a driver stranded.

The victim claims that he was in a small collision with another car which was resolved.

But one traffic cop entered the vehicle and would not get out without receiving a bribe.

When he was filming the incident, the motorist was unyielding and wouldn’t pay.

The motorist was heard begging the cop to get out of the car and discuss the situation with his colleagues.

But the officer, who was staring at the driver with his arms crossed in a mocking manner, looked unfazed. Additionally, he calls and seems to be pleading with his coworkers for assistance.

Motivated by the driver’s video, the policeman got out of the vehicle and tried to seize the phone.

The driver hurt his knee when the two got into an altercation.

Although the motorist and his spouse were able to elude the police officer in the end, he was perplexed by the traffic officials’ actions.

A portion of Kenyans were incensed by the occurrence and claimed that the police force had a right take bribes from innocent Kenyans.

There have been instances recently where law enforcement officials have harassed and even physically attacked drivers while they are out on the road.


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