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Wajir County government turns water tanks into pit latrines for residents

The Wajir County government has come under fire from some Kenyans after pictures of a tank that had been converted into a pit latrine appeared online.

The tank was purportedly installed at the Salelmac Dispensary in Wajir South to serve the community, according to reports.

The water tank was sliced on the side to make room for a door, as seen in pictures that went viral.

At the entrance, a wooden door is being fixed by a man.

A segment of Kenyans contended that the government had misallocated resources and had the wrong priorities.

Others questioned why the government would allegedly divert funds to other sectors while ignoring this vital sector.

Kenyans also charged the county leaders with living in affluent parts of Nairobi and taking lavish trips in their fancy cars—all at the public’s expense.

“The people have been let down by their government, which is regrettable. What are the prospects for the next four years?” asked someone.

Others emphasized the imminent risk of getting sick, particularly given this country’s rainy season.

Others, however, supported the county government and urged it to issue a statement to allay any concerns.

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