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Ways innocent Kenyans have been conned when buying land

According to a recent poll, the most frequent way that Kenyans lose their land is due to the Lands Ministry’s double allocating when buying land.

In a report titled “Baseline Study on Land-Related Crimes and Offenses in Kenya,” published on Wednesday, the National Crime Research Centre (NCRC) revealed that more than 36.5% of cases reported in the previous year were caused by multiple land allocations, which led to uncertainty regarding the validity of title deeds.

According to the survey, there were 484 occurrences of double allocation recorded in the previous year. Removal of land beacons was reported in 418 cases, trespassing on private property in 411 cases, and fabrication of land documents in 307 cases.

In addition, fraudsters have been known to change land maps (292 cases), conspire to commit fraud (278 cases), issue fictitious titles (229 cases), and occupy and sell land without permission (228 cases).

The research also identifies absentee landowners as the cause of the rise in land-related cases.

An informant from Kisii County’s National Government Administration was also included in the study. He stated that landowners who travel overseas often become the focus of crimes pertaining to their land.

Corrupt government employees (NGAOs, land authorities, the court, the ministry of land), land brokers, family members, private surveyors, corrupt lawyers, and some politicians were among the fraudsters who were regularly involved in the crimes, according to the survey’s findings.

Land broker cases accounted for 41.4% of all cases, with family members coming in second with 39.7%, neighbors with 35.1 percent, and dishonest officials from land-buying companies with 21.9 percent.

Among the others were corrupt advocates (10.1%), political figures (10.2%), and land developers (12.9%).

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