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Why it is difficult to deal with bed bugs (kunguni)

There is now a bed bug outbreak in France.

There have been reports of bed bugs in Paris this year in hospitals, schools, trains, and movie theaters. However, the infestation has been accelerating for a while.

In 2020, a patient who was admitted with bed bugs forced the closure of an entire ward in a French hospital. Four rooms were found to be infested during examinations with a sniffer dog, which led to the decision to close the unit. Treatment for the closure cost about US$400,000 (£333,000) and lasted for 24 days.

It seems to be a part of a “global resurgence” of bed bugs, which over the past 20 years has witnessed an increase in the number of these tiny, oval-shaped insects—smaller than rice grains—becoming an increasing concern in cities all over the world.

International travel has facilitated the spread of these biting insects, enabling them to cross continents while concealed in the luggage of unsuspecting airline passengers. However, a recent study indicates that once they establish themselves, they can potentially become more difficult to treat.

Warren Booth started doing an odd thing in 2005 while he was a young postdoc researcher in North Carolina.

The phenomenon appears to be a component of a “global resurgence” of bed bugs, wherein throughout the previous two decades, there has been a rise in the quantity of these little, oval-shaped insects—tinier than rice grains—becoming a growing issue in urban areas across the globe.

These biting insects have spread across continents thanks to international travel, where they have been able to hide in the luggage of gullible passengers. Nevertheless, a new study suggests that they may become more challenging to cure if they establish themselves.

When Warren Booth was a young postdoctoral researcher in North Carolina in 2005, he began to do strange things.

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