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Win for president Ruto as court lifts ban on planting GMO maize

A lawsuit opposing the distribution and planting of GMO maize in Kenya has been rejected by the court.

The Environment Court highlighted a lack of proof in its decision that utilizing GMOs harms either human health or the environment.

The safety of GMO maize and other modified products for human consumption has been a topic of discussion in the past. This came when President William Ruto’s administration removed the country’s restriction on the import of genetically modified organisms.

After making his decision, Ruto told Kenyans that the genetically modified products posed no health risks and pledged not to put their lives in jeopardy.

The head of state added that pest and disease resistance can be incorporated into GMOs, lowering the need for pesticides and herbicides.

However, civil society organizations fought back against this by submitting a court petition to overturn Ruto’s directives.

The organizations pointed out that the government had not shown enough proof that the genetically modified crops were safe for consumption.

The importation and distribution of gmo maize were outlawed by the High Court following a decision in favor of civil society organizations.

The government did not give sufficient evidence of the product’s safety, according to the three-judge bench’s ruling.

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