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Woman dies after jumping off high-rise apartment in Westlands

It has been reported that a woman committed herself on Sunday night after leaping from a Westlands high-rise apartment.

The young woman reportedly drove her car to the eighth floor of the building, parked it, and then leaped out.

The woman left a message, according to the police, but it was not immediately clear what was written in it.

After being discovered on a nearby farm next to the structure, her lifeless body was brought to the mortuary.

Her last steps have been traced and all likely reasons of death are being looked at by the police.

In Nairobi, police are also looking into another incident in which a man fell while performing his duties.

The deceased, who was receiving treatment at Mama Lucy Hospital, suffered severe head injuries before passing away.

Suicide cases are increasing as the high expense of living and mental health issues intensify.

According to a World Bank research from 2021, there were 6.1% suicides for every 100,000 people in Kenya.

Men are the most affected, with 9.1% of every 100,000 men recorded, according to the survey.

Psychologists, doctors, and counselors encourage you to always get assistance if you’re having mental health problems. For assistance, contact the Kenya Red Cross at 1199, their toll-free helpline.

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