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TSC to Retain Teachers in Preferred Sub-Counties

TSC to Retain Teachers in Preferred Sub-Counties.

According to TSC, difficulty experienced in the hiring of Junior Secondary School teachers was the unwillingness of some educators to accept teacher internship positions in certain regions due to the stipend amount.

“To address this the commission has endeavored to retain these teachers in their sub-county of choice where vacancies exist so as to reduce relocation expenses,” the document reads.

TSC also laments the insufficient funds allocated for the recruitment of qualified teachers.

Currently, the Teachers Service Commission estimates that 70,430 teachers are required in Junior Secondary Schools.

This indicates that institutions are currently experiencing a shortage of 40,000 teachers.

English, mathematics, and pre-technical education have an immediate need of (8,385) teachers, while Kiswahili and integrated science require (6,708).

Kenya Sign Language, which requires only 91 tutors, requires the smallest number of teachers.

Agriculture, Social Studies, Business Studies, and electives require a total of 5,031 instructors.

Sports and physical education, Religious Education, and Health Education each require 3,354 teachers.

Life Skills Education requires 1,670 teachers.

According to a report by the Presidential Working Group on Education Reforms, the training of teachers in new learning areas, such as the performing arts and technical subjects, was not completed and remained a major concern.

TSC to Retain Teachers in Preferred Sub-Counties

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